Valentine Finds for $1.00

Hey guys and gals👋🏽 luckily in my city The Dollar Tree is still $1.00 and has yet to go up to $1.25. I found some really cool gems in the store. Check out my pics below and like comment share my post with everyone and be sure to follow me on Instagram @mojitoswithmars

Black Artist

February is Black History Month and I cam across the beautiful work of @DeeLaSheeArt on Twitter. The artwork reminded me of many things growing up such as jumping rope outside with my cousins and having my hair done in the kitchen by my mother. if you’re on Twitter check out her artwork. Follow me on Instagram @mojitoswithmars like comment and share🍹

Black History with BBW

Today is the first day of Black History🤎 This is the first time I’m seeing Bath and Body Works celebrating Black History by changing up the packaging for certain candles, hand-soaps, and body lotions. I was excited to see this new packaging and thinking new scents would follow for Black History Month. No new scents, just new packaging with existing scents Bath and Body Works already have in rotation. Urgh, I’m not feeling it. Be sure to like share and comment and follow me on Instagram @mojitoswithmars

Home Decor

Have you seen the new home decor that is now at Dollar General? I will post some pics below, but first lets chat about it. Dollar General has come a long way with its home decor and I am loving the pieces and the prices. Now I’ve been looking for these items in my local Dollar General and have not been able to find them, as the website says “not available online, in-store only.” I hate that. Comment, like, and share this post. Follow me on Instagram @mojitoswithmars

Coats For the Stylish

We all love the look of a fly coat. I love to look stylish and chic with everything I do. Here in Memphis, Tn the weather has been tricky with highs of 75 degrees and lows of 30 degrees. It has not been a real coat, hat, gloves, and scarf season for me. When it do become cooler, check out the coats below for inspiration. Have a mojito with me and lets chat about fashion.🍹

60 Tablets of Hair growth

I started my hair growth journey in April by taking Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins. This dietary supplement contains (60) tablets in the bottle. As I have mentioned before about my thinning hair and no growth, Edge Naturale hair vitamins and follicle enhancer has helped my hair journey. The first step I took was getting my hair trimmed to start healthy. Results will vary with this product and I recommend it while being patient. I noticed my nails growing and stronger taking the hair vitamins. Just a FYI that this product will provide the supplements you need for hair growth as well as a cleaner for your insides for bowel movements. Please visit for more information and to make a purchase. Like and share while following me on Instagram @mojitoswithmars 🍹

Supplementing to thicker hair

My hair has started thinning at the temples and yes, I was ashamed. I didn’t want to make matters worse by slapping a wig on or getting a protective style such as braids. I started using the product Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer and yes, my thinning hair slowly started to thicken. Edge Naturale has a new product. I have started the dietary supplement hair vitamins for full & thick hair on my head. Listen to me when I tell you this product really works. I started taking (2) tablets daily with food and boosted my water intake. I did this for two weeks and noticed my nails growing and hair growth. Results will vary. Go ahead and start your healthy hair growing journey with Edge Naturale. be sure to follow, like and share my post on Instagram @mojitoswithmars

girl’s quarantining

Self care is very important. I hadn’t done any self care in a long time. When the pandemic of COVID-19 struck the United States, I had a lot of time on my hands to try new things. One thing I wanted to share with you is this product I’ve started to use called ATHIA exfoliating sugar coconut lip scrub & hydrating coconut lip mask. Now let me be the first to tell you I’ve never used a lip scrub. I’ve always kept my lips moisturized with lip balm. I was impressed with how soft my lips were and the lip mask kept my lips moisturized overnight. Go see for yourself at and use code Mars for money off. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @mojitoswithmars