Girls Helping Each other

I don’t get all of my fruit and vegetable intake daily, weekly, or monthly. Shhhhh….. I tend to indulge in sweets and other junk food. Yes, I know not the healthiest of choices, but it tastes so good. One accomplishment I am proud about is limiting my soda intake and drinking more water. Oh my body has thanked me for that switch and I regret I didn’t start sooner. To get my greens, I started putting (FNX Rebalance Super Greens) in my water. I picked the flavor Unicorn Punch and it tastes like a creamsicle. This product cleansed my system. I take this product with water twice a week, but the product states you can consume 1-2 times daily. Go to and check out all the products that are offered. If you decide to purchase anything, use my discount code (FNXunicorn) for 15% off.

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Hi I’m Mars and I love cotton candy and all things fashion. Follow my journey as I take you around the world introducing you to designers, fashion and accessories.

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